big brown eyes


“I met a devil woman, she took my heart away
She said I had it comin' to me, but I wanted it that way
I think that any love is good lovin'
And so I took what I could get, mmm
Oooh, oooh, she looked at me with big brown eyes
And said
You ain't seen nothin' yet”

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet – Bachman Turner Overdrive


This outfit is so perfect. The grey maxi dress, with the quilted exposed shoulder pads and the white and silver jewellery.

Now if I had a maxi dress like that… I would wear it quite a bit. With sandals, silver and turquoise and super high heels.

Photo Credit Pic posted on Face Hunter - 5/11/09

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Rosanna said...

this dress is amazing! where is it from?