who doesn’t love this dress?






“Guess who just got back today?
Them wild-eyed boys that had been away
Haven't changed, have much to say
But man, I still think them cats are crazy
They were asking if you were around
How you was, where you could be found
Told them you were living downtown
Driving all the old men crazy”

The boys are back in town – Thin Lizzy

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the battery died

bardotdress 001 bardotdress 002

This is what I wore today in the 30 degree, sweltering heat. I picked up this dress at Bardot for $10 because the straps were broken which didn’t bother me at all. I fixed them up, and this dress is now perfect for hot summer weather. I wore it with my black sandals and some vampy, dark blue nail polish.

Hope you’re not sweltering!

P.S Thanks for the comments, keep them up!


happy birthday b!

“Well we're just a wet dream for the webzine, 
Make us it, make us hip, make us scene
Or shrug us off your shoulders
Don't approve a single word that we wrote…

Just for the record, 
The weather today is slightly sarcastic with a good chance of:
A. Indifference or
B. Disinterest in what the critics say”

London Beckoned Songs About Money Written by Machines – Panic! At the Disco

I found this belt at St Vinnies today, all leather for $5. 

don’t blank me

muggy 001 muggy 002 muggy 003 muggy 004

Melbourne weather has hit an all time low. Not because it’s freezing, but because today it was 28 degrees and raining. What do you wear in weather like that?


it’s too late to apologize


“Toast the fine folks casting silver crumbs
To us from the dock
Jinxed things ringing as they leak
Through tiny cracks in the boardwalk
Scarecrow, now it's time to hatch
Sprouting sons and ageless daughters”

Behind the Sea – Panic! At the Disco

I love this outfit, every single aspect of it. Black top, black blazer, pearls and washed out black jeans. She wears it her own way, she makes it look dynamic and unusual.

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5 day weekend




Givenchy Spring/Summer 2010

Tribal prints, tapered pants, strong blazers, silky panels, drapery and embellishment. LOVE!

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“We take sour sips from life's lush lips,
And we shake, shake, shake, the hips in relationships,
Stop by this disaster town,
You'll put your eyes to the sun and say: 
‘I know you're only blinding to keep back what the clouds are hiding’”

The Carpal Tunnel of Love – Fall Out Boy

The lyrics of this song are typical Fall Out Boy, brilliant. And Patrick’s voice in this is just magnificent!

One of my best friends did me a favour by picking a “something” off Net-A-Porter for me to post. Thanks M!

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Proenza Schouler Spring/Summer 2010

I’m so excited about Cup weekend! We must be the only country to have a public holiday for a horse race. :D Looking forward to some stylish outfits!

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“You've got a friend in me
You've got a friend in me
When the road looks rough ahead
And you're miles and miles
From your nice warm bed
You just remember what your old pal said
Boy, you've got a friend in me
Yeah, you've got a friend in me”

You’ve Got a Friend in Me – Randy Newman (Toy Story Soundtrack)

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I wish I loved riding a bike, but I don’t. I find it really sad because I’ve seen so many bloggers looking ever so chic on their bicycles, I just want to join in!

Do you get annoyed when someone puts you down, and then thinks that everything is fine?


so underrated







“Caviar and cigarettes
Well versed in etiquette
Extraordinarily nice

She's a Killer Queen
Gunpowder, Gelatine
Dynamite with a laser beam
Guaranteed to blow your mind

Killer Queen – Queen

loving the converse on the album cover


One of my teachers has a collection of music on the school database. Most of it was good music, but absolutely no Fall Out Boy. She should buy the Greatest Hits…because Believers NEVER Die!

Hope you’re having a good week!

i’ve always wanted a shimmy dress

image Juli Grbac – Once Upon a Nightfall

It’s Monday…don’t you just hate Mondays? This cheered me up though!



Nina Ricci Autumn/Winter ‘09

My friend told me to post about the environment…What a contrast with the above picture! But I still think saving energy matters, especially going into Summer when it’s easier to do. My friend’s idea probably stems from her love of Geography and weather reports, thanks M!


need to cheer up?





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high tops


“Is ya man on the floor?
If he ain't...
Let me know
Let me see if you can run it, run it
girl indeed I can run it, run it”

Run It! – Chris Brown

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thug story…ah no

image Erdem Resort 2010

Went to Chadstone today…it’s like a huge maze, I got lost again! I didn’t buy anything :(

Love Erdem, simple cuts, great prints, nothing more to say

Photo Credit Check out the resort collection!


eclectic mix





Just exceptional! What’s not to love?



Have to do some homework soon…not looking forward to it.

Here’s a photo that was recently on The Sartorialist and Scott Schuman thought it was simple and chic with beautiful little details. I couldn’t agree more! Brown is a colour that is very underrated, I think. I looked at this picture and I realised just how versatile the colour really is… I really need to invest in more brown!

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petrol coated

image image

I think everyone has a thing for Alexander McQueen’s embellished and eccentric looks. His designs are genius and one of a kind!

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camera batteries=gone

jets 001 jets 002 jets 003 jets 004 jets 005 jets 006 jets 007

Jets by Jessika Allen Modern Muse Collection

Sometimes I get booklets of new collections through subscribing to Vogue Australia. This one is for the new collection of Jets by Jessika Allen. They have some beautiful pieces, and I love the collections floral, naval and classic inspired swimwear.

If I was a a regular beach go-er, I would love a few of these pieces!


you people made my day


Thanks for the awesome people that commented!

Here is an Alex Monroe 22 karat gold plated feather necklace. Ummm…GIMME! :D

Photo Credit <- Click this for more Alex Monroe.

bad week…hope you had a good one!

“Baby, seasons change but people don't
And I'll always be waiting in the back room
I'm boring but overcompensate
with Headlines and flash, flash, flash photography
But don't pretend you ever forgot about me
Don't pretend you ever forgot about me
Wouldn't you rather be a widow than a divorcee?
Style you wake for fashion magazines
A widow or a divorcee?”


One of my most favourite Fall Out Boy songs, from when they were in their heyday. It has a great film clip…Check it out

excuse my lack of posts

voguefeb2008 001 voguefeb2008 002 voguefeb2008 003 voguefeb2008 004

Vogue February 2008

I must say that after flicking through all the copies of Vogue I own, I found that this one has some of the most wearable shoots. This one in particular I love… a youthful looking Raquel Zimmerman adorned in elegant, naval inspired pieces. So simple, chic and wearable!


thanks m for making me post!


Dion Lee Spring/Summer 2009/10


You need to check out the collection to see the razor tailoring, simple palette and sharp cutouts.

all the year 12s went crazy, dressed as kevin07

“A little bit of Monica in my life
A little bit of Erica by my side
A little bit of Rita is all I need
A little bit of Tina is what I see
A little bit of Sandra in the sun
A little bit of Mary all night long
A little bit of Jessica here I am
A little bit of you makes me your man”

Lou Bega – Mambo #5

What a one hit wonder! My friend was listening to this a lot this morning, and then she started singing…

Don’t forget to smile this week!


there were 11 of them

diyshorts 001 diyshorts 002 diyshorts 003 diyshorts 004 diyshorts 005

These are some shorts that I DIYed (is that a word?) recently. To fray the shorts I used scissors and a nail file, which took forever. You really have to get into it to finish it off. I also got rid of the pockets.

Then I got some random transparent material from my remnants box and I made some faux pockets with the spare denim and some red thread.

I really like how they turned out, I’m planning to wear them with floral tops, blazers and my new sandals!

muck up day

sandals 001 sandals 002image sandals 004 sandals 005

Here are some pictures from yesterday. It was so hot I decide to paint my toenails. I’ve had the idea of vampy red nails ever since I bought these sandals. You might’ve seen a similar pair on Camille of Childhood Flames. I like snaking the straps up my ankles, because I’m going to miss my gold Sam Edelman gladiators!