irrelevant: i like forensics now

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Here are some sketches of pretty things from Vogue Australia November 2009. I especially love the Christian Louboutin ankle boots and the Derek Lam dress with the collar drapery.

Why do tests exist? My friends and I were doing some revision today…at least I was, and it was tedious. There’s something really annoying about teachers that tell you what to study, but when you get to the test the information is irrelevant.

Hopefully I’m more inspired by the end of the week!


Angela See Angela Blog said...

Bahh I'm heading into exam time and I go do MacRob, my brain is about to implode.

I love those Louboutins, I want more pairs of louboutins, 2 isn't enough! Even though they're death on heels they're also sex on heels.

PS. You really should allow other types of comments, I had to go through my travel blog to comment. It'll be much, much easier if I could comment via my main blog.

georgina. said...
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PlanetLumiere said...

what do you study? just wondering if i bumped into a fellow artist :)