shag, sushi and collins st




Kinki Gerlinki

image Clegs

Thanks for the feedback on my Mollini shoes! It’s really motivating and encouraging to find that people enjoy reading the blog. :D

Moving on, today I went into the city with my Dad and I had a really great time. I hardly ever go into the city, but a few recent school trips have inspired me to go more often. Sadly I didn’t purchase anything, but I visited some wonderful places including Shag, Kinki Gerlinki, Clegs, The Block Arcade, Flinders Lane and of course Collins St.

We walked past Chanel and there was a baby pink quilted chain strap bag in the window. I said to my Dad: “One day I’m going to buy one of them, but it won’t be pink!” he shrugged and replied “All in good time”.

It was a pity that most of the shops were closed (today it’s Sunday) but I still had a lot of fun!

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