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I just received my copy of Vogue Australia January, and sadly as my camera batteries have died I can’t take pictures of my favourite bits.

But I can include this picture (from the Vogue website) of an interesting style swap that happened between two members of the Vogue team. This picture shows their outfits once they have swapped.

The January issue also includes 20 ways to update your style, and a wrap up of 2009 fashion. There’s also several interesting shoots, especially “Urban Eden” with Kim Noorda.

And of course Catherine McNeil looks stunning on the cover, with a lighter hair colour than her normal which looks fresh.

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The Owl's Closet said...

looks like a great issue! i still need to go through my edition of vogue hehe hope i can find sometime soon. i love the style swap idea. how fun! thanks for sharing:)


Lu said...

I love Catherine McNeil she's so goegeous! great blog :)



Allegra said...

woow! it's amazing!

monmon23 said...

:( hope ur camera gets better soon:D nice issue of the one and only VOGUE!!!!!!! i <3 vogue