get better soon m!

I am having trouble uploading photos to my computer, hence the "Knit your own glove and legwarmer kit" via Net A Porter. I just find it a little hard to understand why someone would pay nearly 60 pounds for this kit... Nevertheless, it seems like a good idea to make something with your own hands once in a while. :)
I hope you're having a good weekend!
Regular posting will hopefully be back shortly, hang in there chickadees!


angelaseeangelablog said...

I say nayy to the overpriced yarn! My mum bought a dozen spools of cashmere blend (60% cashmere 40 wool) for $70 AUD.

The leggings+leg warmers look is really not flattering, but I love knitting things.

thanks for the comment!


tess stam said...

i wish i could knit!