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Sometimes it’s great to mix bold flashes of colour, or clash completely different patterns for a little visual interest. I’ll be honest... I prefer to stick to my basics of black, charcoal grey, navy and tan. Instead of venturing out into the bright and sometimes confronting world of vivid colour. But with these outfits in mind, I’m willing to give colour a red hot go!


Anonymous said...

stunning, stunning, stunning photos. These have inspired me to dress up more... I always take the lax route on a day to day basis. Sorry I haven't commented on your beautiful blog in ages. I've been moving house and it's been my birthday, then work... grrr... It's been great to get back into it.


Lee Oliveira said...

Go on. Be game. Add a bit of colour to your look. A love a bit of colour especially in winter. It adds some confidence and really makes your look pop.


Becca said...

I love the awesome keychain in the first picture. I feel like I need something like this to spice up my simple black or brown bags!