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Finally back to a stable computer situation, which is fabulous! So expect in the future a post a day (to keep the doctor away!).
In the 13 degree Celsius Winter weather, I am craving being able to wear shorts! I don’t know many Victorians that aren’t dying for warm weather.
But let’s focus on the details of these outfits:


First off, the colour combination, peach and red, is one that I don’t think many people would contemplate wearing. But it definitely works effectively! Also notice the designer accessories; the Chanel clutch, the Hermes bracelet.


When is Emma Watson ever unstylishly dressed? Her corset top and shorts combination works very well. And I especially adore the olive green and black print on the corset top!


Alexa is also equipped with fashionable accessories. Her bag and shoes are super cute; ballerina flats with 3 buckles with a little hardware and a gorgeously shaped bag in a very current animal print. (I need to invest in a bag that is the same shape!)

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